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The Deep Clean Specialist

(435)-503-0682 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service

Viruses, Bacteria and Odor

Ozone Treatments

Viruses are a complex collection of bacteria cells that reproduce at a rapid rate inside a host cell. Our product eliminates viruses and bacteria by absorbing into and penetrating the protein coat of said cell, therefore damaging the genetic capability of the virus to reproduce, rendering it ineffective. The reaction with vital amino acids is one of the dominant processes of its action to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

We treat hard and soft surfaces

We treat the entire home or office with ozone, this kills viruses and bacteria on all surfaces including couches, pillows, beds and drapery. We spray treat all frequently touched hard surfaces with a chemical anti-microbial. The anti-microbial spray last a few days, helping to prevent viruses and bacteria. These two treatments help disinfect both hard and soft surfaces.

Ozone Treatments eliminate odors of all kinds:






Dead Animal


Typical treatment takes 4-6 hours. Home or office must be vacant during the treatment interval, but you can enter the building 1 hour after completion

Call TODAY to schedule your treatment!!


Standard Home $400 (3000 sqft less)

Existing cleaning clients - Call about your discount

Servicing the Wasatch Front and Back